Terms of Service

service carefully. This agreement applies to your relationship with chatgpt.pro and your use of the services provided through the website. chatgpt.pro hereby asks you to accept these terms of service. You can only use the services provided through the website if you accept all the terms and conditions contained herein. Using the services provided through the website means that you accept these terms of service. If you do not accept these terms of service, please do not use this website or service.
These terms of service include the privacy policy, which is incorporated and becomes part of these terms of service.

Accept the Terms of Service

These terms of service (“Agreement” or “Terms of Service”) are a legally binding agreement between your individual or entity (“you” or “user”) and chatgpt.pro (“chatgpt.pro”) regarding the use of which chatgpt.pro owns and/or Other related websites operated (collectively referred to as “websites”), products and services are defined as follows:

  1. chatgpt.pro makes websites and services, including all content, information, graphics, documents, text, products, and all other elements and products provided through the website and services (collectively referred to as “content“) for your use, subject to this The terms and conditions specified in the document. By accessing and using this website and services, you agree to be bound by and accept these terms of service and all terms and conditions contained and referenced here, as well as any additional terms and conditions specified on the website.
  2. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of these terms of service, you should not use this website or service. If you do not agree to any additional specific terms that apply to specific content or to complete a specific transaction through a website or service, then you should not use part of the website or service that contains such content or through such transactions.
  3. When you use any current or future chatgpt.pro service or visit chatgpt.pro’s website, whether it is free or paid, you will be bound by the guidelines and conditions applicable to such products or services.
  4. These terms of service can be modified by chatgpt.pro at any time through any of the following methods: by posting on the homepage of the website, when you log in to your user account (see below for definitions), or by sending to the address you provided when setting up your user account email. Your failure to provide or maintain accurate or current contact information in your user account will not relieve you of your responsibility to comply with these terms of service as amended from time to time.
  5. Please check these terms of service regularly to ensure that you understand all the terms governing your use of this website and services. Certain terms and conditions may apply to non-user-generated content. Such specific terms may supplement these terms of service, or in the case of inconsistencies with these terms of service, such specific terms will only replace these terms of service if the content or intent of such specific terms is inconsistent with these terms of service.
  6. chatgpt.pro reserves the right to change or update the content or its format at any time without notice. chatgpt.pro also reserves the right to terminate or restrict your access to this website and service or any part of it for any reason at its sole discretion.

Service Description

You can use our service to download videos and other files from many popular websites.

User’s obligations

You agree to use this website and services only for purposes permitted by these Terms of Service and any applicable laws, regulations, or generally accepted practices or guidelines in relevant jurisdictions. chatgpt.pro is not responsible for any violation of applicable laws, rules, or regulations committed by you or a third party at your request. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of chatgpt.pro applications, websites, and services does not violate applicable laws, rules, or regulations. Specifically, you agree and warrant that when using this website and services, your actions will not violate the country, state, region where you live, and where chatgpt.pro is located or operated.

Your use of the website and services

You agree not to access (or attempt to access) the Service through any means other than those provided by chatgpt.pro or its authorized partners. You agree not to access (or attempt to access) the service through automated means, and you will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the service (or the server and network connection to the service).

In addition, you agree to:

  1. Do not damage or interfere with any other users’ use of the website and services or affiliated or linked websites;
  2. Do not upload, publish or otherwise transmit any virus or other harmful, destructive, or destructive files through websites and services;
  3. Do not use or attempt to use other users’ user accounts, passwords, or systems;
  4. Do not access or attempt to access any content or user content (defined below), you have no right to access according to the terms here;
  5. Do not damage or interfere with the security of the website, service, content, user content, system resources, account, password, server or network connected to the website and service or accessed through the website and service or any affiliates or links or otherwise Cause damage to the website.

Amendments and errata

The materials appearing on the chatgpt.pro website may include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. chatgpt.pro does not guarantee that any material on its website is accurate, complete, or up-to-date. chatgpt.pro may change the material contained on its website at any time without notice. But chatgpt.pro promises to update the materials from time to time.


chatgpt.pro has not reviewed all sites linked to other sites and is not responsible for the content of any such linked sites. The inclusion of any link does not mean that chatgpt.pro endorses the website. The risk of using any such linked website is borne by the user.

User Content

User account holders can upload, store or transfer files, videos, pictures, data, information, and other materials through the website, chatgpt.pro blog, and services (“User Content”). chatgpt.pro does not own any user content without your prior permission, Will not monitor, edit or disclose any information about you or your user account, except in accordance with these terms of service or privacy policy. As a rule, chatgpt.pro will not review, inspect, edit or monitor any user content posted, stored, or accessed by you or any other users of this website or service. However, chatgpt.pro reserves the right to refuse, delete or prohibit access to user content that chatgpt.pro learns may violate the law or may violate these terms of service at its sole discretion, although it is not obliged to do so. chatgpt.pro does not waive any actions or non-actions taken by chatgpt.pro to regulate content or behavior or against any user (or any other third party) that may violate these terms of service. chatgpt.pro does not control, is not responsible for any user content, and does not make any statements. Or guarantee. You are fully responsible for accessing, using, and/or relying on any user content. You must conduct any necessary, appropriate, prudent, or wise investigations, inquiries, research, and due diligence on any user content. You are responsible for investigating the licensing of any user content before using such user content in any way, and for ensuring that your use of any such user content complies with all applicable laws and licensing requirements and does not infringe the ownership of third parties. You are also responsible for any content posted or transmitted by you and all content posted or transmitted through or using your user account.
The prohibited content of this website and service includes but is not limited to:

  1. Illegal content;
  2. Content related to the creation, advertising, distribution or reception of illegal goods or services;
  3. Offensive content (including but not limited to defamatory content), Threats or pornographic content);
  4. Disclosure of personal, confidential, or proprietary information of others;
  5. Fraudulent content;
  6. Malicious content such as malware or spyware;
  7. Provide, promote, promote or provide Content of unsolicited product or service links.

Technical Support

chatgpt.pro provides technical support for users. In order to obtain technical support from chatgpt.pro, users seeking such support must contact chatgpt.pro at [email protected] to request such support. The user should describe the nature of the problem to be solved and provide information about the user (name, contact information, address, etc.). chatgpt.pro will use reasonable efforts to respond to such requests in a timely manner. Users should cooperate with chatgpt.pro when seeking technical support services and provide necessary information to assist chatgpt.pro in making requests when diagnosing or solving problems. Although chatgpt.pro cannot guarantee that technical support issues will be resolved, chatgpt.pro will make reasonable efforts to provide technical support services in a professional manner.

Information and Materials You Provide

All materials, files, communications, or information that you submit, send through this website and service, or store on this website and service will be bound by these terms of service and privacy policy. The security of this type of information is very important to chatgpt.pro.

Term and Termination

The term (“period”) of these Terms of Service starts when you start using this website or service and shall be valid forever unless otherwise terminated by chatgpt.pro or you in writing. chatgpt.pro reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Service or any part of it at any time. Without prejudice to any other rights, if you fail to comply with any restrictions or other requirements described here, these terms of service will automatically terminate. After the termination or expiration of these terms of service, you must immediately stop using this website and services, including but not limited to any use of chatgpt.pro’s trademarks, trade names, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights.
After the termination of this agreement, you will no longer be authorized to use this website or service in any way.

Links to other websites and third-party materials

This website and service may contain links to other websites and/or third-party products that are not under the control of chatgpt.pro (collectively referred to as “third-party materials”). chatgpt.pro does not assume any responsibility for such third-party materials. chatgpt.pro provides such links only for the convenience of users of this website and its services. The inclusion of any link to any third-party materials does not mean that chatgpt.pro endorses the content, products, and/or services of such third-party materials. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary here, nothing in these Terms of Service shall be construed as granting you any rights or licenses with respect to such third-party materials or authorizing you to use such third-party materials.


The copyright, trademark, and all other ownership of the services and content (including but not limited to software, services, audio, video, text, and photos, but not user content) provided by this website itself belong to chatgpt.pro and/or its licensors. Unless otherwise expressly provided in this agreement or chatgpt.pro’s written authorization, all rights not expressly granted in this website, service, and content are reserved. You agree not to copy, republish, structure, provide download, transfer, modify, rent, rent, lend, sell, distribute, distribute, license, sublicense, reverse engineer or create derivative works or services based on content, website, or chatgpt.pro, but except in combination with the services provided by chatgpt.pro through the website.
chatgpt.pro hereby denies any rights to third-party trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, copyrights, patents, domain names, or other intellectual property rights. All the intellectual property rights of third parties mentioned here, including but not limited to third-party materials or materials provided in other ways on this website, are the property of their respective owners. chatgpt.pro does not have any proprietary rights in intellectual property rights other than their own.

Warranty and disclaimer

All content and/or services are provided “as is” and “as available”. chatgpt.pro hereby expressly rejects any express or implied statement or guarantee in any form, including but not limited to the guarantee of merchantability, suitability for any particular purpose, and non-infringement of the website or the suitability of the website. chatgpt.pro does not make any guarantees or representations regarding the security of the chatgpt.pro website, services or content. You acknowledge that any information sent may be intercepted during transmission or in other ways. chatgpt.pro does not guarantee that the websites, services, content or servers that make this website available, or electronic communications sent by chatgpt.pro are free of viruses or any other harmful elements. Unless chatgpt.pro agrees in writing. Contractors, agents, use of this website or service through this website or download or use any products in other ways are at your own discretion and risk, and you agree to any damage to your computer system, data Take full responsibility for loss or other injuries caused by such activities. chatgpt.pro is not responsible for any computer viruses or other similar software codes downloaded from this website to your computer or related to any services or products provided through this website. Any oral or written advice or information you obtain from chatgpt.pro or from the website does not constitute any guarantee not expressly stated in the terms of service.
This website and services may contain references to specific chatgpt.pro products and services that may not be available in specific countries/regions. Any such reference does not imply or guarantee that any such products or services are available at any time in any particular country/region.
You understand and agree that by using this website and services, you may come into contact with content that you may consider offensive, indecent or offensive, and in this regard, you are responsible for using this website and services at your own risk.
Even chatgpt.pro has been informed of the possibility of such damage. Any action against chatgpt.pro related to or related to this website and service must be started, and chatgpt.pro must be notified in writing within one year after the reason for the action is taken.
Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or limitations, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Your Guarantee

You hereby guarantee:

  1. All information related to the website, chatgpt.pro, and services that you provide to chatgpt.pro is true, accurate, correct, and up-to-date;
  2. You have full power and authorization to sign these terms of service;
  3. You have reached the legal age to sign a binding contract with chatgpt.pro;
  4. You will seek all necessary government approvals required to implement these terms of service;
  5. You shall perform all obligations under these terms of service in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations;

Notice and procedures for filing claims of copyright infringement

Chatgpt.pro’s policy is to respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with applicable international intellectual property laws. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide us with the written information specified below.

  1. The electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright interest owner;
  2. A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed;
  3. Describe the location of the material you claim to be infringing on this website;
  4. Your address, telephone number, and email address;
  5. Your statement indicates that you sincerely believe that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
  6. Your statement based on the crime of perjury stating that the above information in your notice is accurate and correct and that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Illegal or prohibited use

You must not use this website or service for any illegal purpose prohibited by these terms of service, or interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of this website or service in any way. You may not use this website or service in any way that may damage, disable, overburden or damage this website or service, or interfere with any third party’s use and enjoyment of this website or service. You agree that you will not use any third-party software to intercept, “mine” or otherwise collect information from or through the website or service. You must not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means that chatgpt.pro intends to provide to all users of this website or service. You may not set up, assist, or participate in an attack on any chatgpt.pro server or otherwise attempt to damage the chatgpt.pro server. Your attempt to sabotage chatgpt.pro’s servers or sabotage chatgpt.pro’s legal operations violates criminal and civil laws, and if such attempts or assistance are provided for such attacks, R.S. shall use it to the maximum extent permitted by law.


You hereby agree to indemnify chatgpt.pro, its affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees from any costs, losses, claims, damages, fines, penalties or liabilities caused by violation of this agreement, including lawyers and Reasonable expenses of other professionals, within the scope of any claims, demands, litigation, litigation, arbitration or other procedures (such as “supporting resources”) initiated by any third party in accordance with any judgment, judgment, court order or settlement, Including evaluations, claims, or requests for government agencies or entities caused by your violation of these terms of service.


Chatgpt.pro respects your privacy and the use and protection of your personal information. Please refer to our privacy policy for important information and disclosures related to the collection and use of personal information related to your use of this website.

Link to this Website

As long as you comply with the following rules, you can link to this website. You can link to the homepage of this website or any other page of this website. However, you must not use inline links (or hot links) or frames. You must not imply that chatgpt.pro endorses or sponsors the linker or its website, product or service. Without chatgpt.pro’s prior written permission, you may not use chatgpt.pro’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, trade names, and copyrights. In addition, you agree to delete the link at any time at chatgpt.pro’s request

End the Relationship with chatgpt.pro

These terms of service will continue to apply until terminated by you or chatgpt.pro as described above. If you want to terminate this legal agreement with chatgpt.pro (i.e. these terms of service), you can notify chatgpt.pro in writing at any time via [email protected]. chatgpt.pro reserves the right to terminate these terms of service with you at any time at its sole discretion. Once notified, chatgpt.pro does not assume any responsibility.
You are solely responsible for canceling your user account. You can cancel by contacting chatgpt.pro at [email protected].


Regardless of whether you agree or not, chatgpt.pro may assign or entrust these terms of service in whole or in part to any individual or entity at any time. However, without chatgpt.pro’s prior written consent, you may not assign or entrust any rights or obligations under these Terms of Service, and any unauthorized assignment or entrustment by you is invalid and invalid.

Service Access

If the website and services are unavailable at any time or at any time, chatgpt.pro does not assume any responsibility. chatgpt.pro does not guarantee the accessibility, performance, or availability of the website or service. We may decide to temporarily suspend access to the website and services without notice, including but not limited to repairs, maintenance, system failures, or reasons beyond our control. chatgpt.pro reserves the right to suspend the operation of the website or service. You agree that neither chatgpt.pro nor its third-party providers shall be liable to you in any way for the termination, suspension, interruption, or delay of any services and products on this website.

Force Majeure

Chatgpt.pro is not responsible for any non-performance, delay, error, data loss or other losses caused by any event or situation beyond chatgpt.pro’s reasonable control.

Electronic Transaction Agreement

All transactions that chatgpt.pro can choose to conduct through or through the website or service can be conducted and executed electronically. We may keep records of any type of communication through the website or service. When all electronic records are correctly sent to the recipient and the record enters an information processing system outside the control of the sender or the record enters an area of ​​the information processing system under the control of the receiver, all electronic records are deemed to have been sent. When the record enters the information processing system designated or used by the recipient in a form that can be processed by the system, all electronic records are received and the electronic records can be retrieved.

Injunctive Relief

You acknowledge and agree that any violation or violation of these terms of service may cause immediate and irreparable harm and damage to chatgpt.pro. Therefore, chatgpt.pro has the right and at its sole discretion to obtain immediate preliminary injunctive relief (including but not limited to temporary restraining orders), and seek permanent injunctive relief for any violation or violation of these terms of service. In addition to any and all other remedies available to chatgpt.pro in law or equity, chatgpt.pro may seek the specific performance of any provision in these Terms of Service.


These terms of service will be implemented within the maximum scope permitted by applicable laws. If, for any reason, any provision of these terms of service is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent under applicable law, then (a) will interpret, interpret or reform such provisions within the scope of reasonable requirements to make It is valid, enforceable and consistent with the original intent of this clause, and (b) such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect any other clauses of this agreement.


If the products or services provided on this website violate the national laws of any country/region for any reason, chatgpt.pro does not assume any responsibility nor assume any risk. Those who visit this website or service do so on their own initiative and are responsible for complying with their national laws. Questions can be submitted via info.chatgptpro@gmail.com. The website and services, as well as the accompanying products and documents, are the copyright property of chatgpt.pro and/or its licensors, and are protected by copyright laws and international intellectual property treaties. The use of chatgpt.pro™ or third-party trademarks or logos is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of chatgpt.pro or the owner of the applicable trademark