ChatGPT Prompt Guide: Unlocking More Potential for Users

This article aims to provide users with a guide of tips for using ChatGPT Prompt to help them fully realize the potential of this powerful tool. By deeply discussing the usage of ChatGPT Prompt, and providing practical suggestions and tips, this article will help users better understand how to use ChatGPT for more effective and high-quality text generation, so as to achieve a better authoring and communication experience.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot developed by OpenAI, and it is currently the most popular and advanced AI Chatbot in the world. The current version of ChatGPT is based on the GPT-4 architecture and has powerful natural language processing capabilities. ChatGPT has extensive knowledge in many fields, including science, technology, history, culture, entertainment and more. It can help users answer questions, provide suggestions, and create text content to meet users’ needs.

What is ChatGPT Prompt?

ChatGPT Prompt generally refers to the input or instruction provided to the ChatGPT language model to generate a response. It can be a declarative sentence or a question that prompts ChatGPT to generate relevant and coherent responses based on its training data and language understanding capabilities. The quality and specificity of ChatGPT Prompt plays a crucial role in influencing the accuracy and relevance of ChatGPT language model responses.

Precautions When Using ChatGPT Prompt

  • Although ChatGPT has been trained with data in multiple languages, the amount of English text in the training material is much higher than other languages. Writing ChatGPT Prompts in English tends to get better answers.
  • ChatGPT handles prompts input of up to 4,096 characters in one input. Characters are different from words, and a character is approximately equal to a word. But if you enter a word that ChatGPT has not seen before, the word will be broken down into 2 or more characters until it understands the meaning of the word.
  • If you notice that a ChatGPT response is going in the wrong direction for the corresponding ChatGPT Prompt, you can stop the response generation using the stop button above the input field.
  • Although chatting with ChatGPT can sometimes feel human-like, it should be noted that ChatGPT does not require prompts that mimic human word order, but clear and unambiguous prompts.

How to Write an Excellent ChatGPT Prompt?

1.Define the role of ChatGPT

Tell ChatGPT what perspective it should think about when answering your questions. This is a good way to prevent ChatGPT from generating generic answers and improve the professionalism of the answers.

For example, if we want to visit the Paris region, instead of asking “Tell me what to see in the Paris region”, we might as well say “I want to travel to Paris, please be my tour guide and recommend a tour route for me, covering the main attractions of Paris”.

ChatGPT’s answer to “Tell me what to see in the Paris region”, just a simple list of attractions

ChatGPT’s answer to “I want to travel to Paris, please be my tour guide and recommend a tour route for me, covering the main attractions of Paris”, and arrange a detailed daily itinerary.

Likewise, if you want a quick overview of the history of New Orleans, you can write a prompt like this: “You are a history teacher now, please briefly tell your students about the history of New Orleans”.


2. Define Target Group

Telling ChatGPT ahead of time which age or education level the responses should be intended for is also often very effective. You may want to understand the development of the AI industry, but you don’t quite understand the meaning of many proper terms. At this time, you can define yourself as a “non-professional” to get an easy-to-understand answer:“I want to understand the progress of the AI industry in large-scale language models, but I am not a professional in this field, please introduce this knowledge to me in easy-to-understand scientific language”。


3.Designated communication channel

Tell ChatGPT in the prompt what kind of use its answers will be used for. For example, the short message of twitter, the press release of the publication, the short sentence form of tiktok and so on.

For example, there is a big difference between “write a message for me to tweet about tiktok going to be banned in USA” and “Write me a press release reporting that tiktok is going to be banned in the US”.

“write a message for me to tweet about tiktok going to be banned in USA”

“Write me a press release reporting that tiktok is going to be banned in the US”


4.Give a sample answer

Give ChatGPT an answer template and let it output the answer in the format you require. This strategy tends to work well when you need a formatted answer.

For example:

”Describe birds in the following format:

Product Name: Hummingbird

Wingspan: 8-13 cm on average.

Diet: Hummingbirds primarily feed on nectar from flowers and tree sap, and they are also known to consume small insects and spiders for protein.

Habitat: Hummingbirds are found primarily in the Americas, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. They inhabit various habitats, including forests, gardens, meadows, and coastal areas.

Natural Enemies: Hummingbirds have few natural enemies due to their small size and agility. However, they may face threats from larger birds such as hawks, owls, and larger species of hummingbirds. Additionally, some species of snakes and insects may prey on hummingbird eggs or nestlings.

Now in that format, output information about bald eagle”。


Excellent 10 ChatGPT Prompt Examples

The following are 10 excellent ChatGPT Prompt examples from the Internet, which can provide you with a useful reference when writing ChatGPT Prompt.

1. Act as a Linux Terminal


2. Act as an English Translator and Improver


3. Act as position Interviewer

4. Act as a JavaScript Console


5. Act as a Travel Guide


6. Act as an Advertiser


7. Act as a Storyteller


8. Act as a Football Commentator


9. Act as a Stand-up Comedian


10. Act as a Motivational Coach


Recommended ChatGPT Prompt Generator

If you still have no idea about writing ChatGPT Prompts, you can also try to use the following ChatGPT Prompt Generator to generate ai prompts.


Writing good ChatGPT Prompts is crucial to improving ChatGPT user experience. Clear, specific, and guided prompts can help ChatGPT generate more accurate and interesting replies, thereby satisfying users’ needs and providing a better interactive experience. By properly setting and designing Prompt, users can better interact with ChatGPT and obtain satisfactory results.